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Droit Direct was born out of the desire of its founders, lawyers and legal advisers to contribute significantly to the promotion of access to justice for all and the consolidation of the rule of law in Mali in the particular context of the implementation of the Algiers Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation.

Civil society actors strongly involved in practical activities to promote access to justice in Mali, the founders were able to note the almost instinctive mistrust of many litigants towards the formal justice system in favor of traditional justice or even private and informal justice deemed accessible, i.e. simpler to implement and understand.

However, in view of the risk of legal insecurity that recourse to the law and to traditional and informal justice may entail in certain areas (real estate, commercial and inheritance matters, among others), it seemed necessary to take action to restore confidence in the formal justice system, which is the guarantor of the rule of law and respect for human rights.

Providing every citizen with quality and bespoke legal advice and assistance for better access to the law and justice, regardless of social status, level of education, income, and geographical location is the initial challenge that the promoters of Droit Direct aim to meet. They have therefore resolved to exploit the boom in new information and communication technologies such as the Internet, social networks and mobile telephony to achieve this all-important goal.
Droit Direct SARL is a startup specialized in promoting access to law and justice in Mali through the information and communication highways, in addition to the Internet. In collaboration with professionals in the Malian justice system (lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, etc.), our platform is a digital infrastructure that facilitates citizens' access to justice and knowledge of their rights. Droit Direct therefore places itself in the position of intermediary between users and legal professionals without intending to replace the latter.  

These services offer answers to the following problems:
  • The glaring lack of knowledge and understanding of the law by Africans in general and Malians in particular (A national survey conducted in 2018 revealed that several Malians consider that they do not take action when faced with a legal problem due to a lack of knowledge of the formal legal system);

  • Limited access to legal services for entire communities (in Mali, for example, there are only 326 lawyers and 480 magistrates for a population of 19, 594,221 inhabitants);

  • Limited access by entire communities to the few existing courts (there are only 58 first instance courts in 57 Districts in Mali); and

  • The very high number of unresolved legal problems each year (there are nearly 740,000 unresolved problems each year in Mali, for example).

Mali is a vast and landlocked country. For example, the distance between Timbuktu in the north and Bamako, the capital, is more than 1000 km. When we add to this distance the almost non-existence of practicable roads, the growing insecurity, and the concentration of lawyers in the capital, we quickly realize that people who have a legal problem and who want to assert their rights have almost only one way to do so: to obtain legal aid online.

Whether by phone or chat (SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp) or through email, our legal advisors are available to provide you with the support you need and that is tailored to your situation. 

By opting for online legal assistance, Droit Direct users receive considerable benefits:

1.         Time-saving: our legal advisors are available 7 days a week to listen to users and answer all their legal issues. So, no matter what the day or time, all they have to do is call or open a chat via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp or send an e-mail to find the solution to their legal problem.

2.         Saving money: By opting for online consultation, users save a lot of money. First of all, they no longer need to travel to seek legal assistance. A simple phone call or text message, Facebook, WhatsApp or an e-mail, allows them to quickly access accurate and relevant legal information at a cost that is accessible to everyone. Secondly, the costs of an online legal consultation are significantly lower than those of a traditional legal consultation.

3.         Removing borders: Whether the user is in Gao or Mopti, Kayes or Segou, borders are no longer an obstacle to obtaining legal aid in Mali. No matter where users are in the country, our legal advisors are available to them by phone and by a simple chat (SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp) or by e-mail. The same services are available for Malians in the diaspora and foreigners: from Paris to Washington DC via Accra and New Delhi, legal professionals assist everyone on all legal questions they may have. 

What are our assets?

  • Accessibility: simple legal advice in accessible language. Practical and tailor-made solutions no matter where users are.
  • Expertise: legal professionals (lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, etc.) in different fields.
  • Availability: an online legal assistance service to serve users 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Speed: response to users’ legal problems between 1h and 24h after they have submitted it.
Droit Direct's values are rooted in the life trajectory of its founders. The promoters of Droit Direct all come from humble backgrounds. They have understood that the law is the most effective way to escape poverty and dependency. We aspire to achieve legal empowerment for all, especially for the weakest and marginalized in our society. Our values structure our professional approach and shape our relationships with all our stakeholders.

Respect for our clients, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration and Teamwork, Dynamism and High level of professional integrity: these are the founding values on which our project in Mali and elsewhere is based.
Our team consists of legal consultants, lawyers, technical experts and computer specialists. We have a diversified staff from 5 African countries, positioning DROIT DIRECT as a true pan-African project.



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